Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

Diary for A Week

Hi guys!
Welcome back to my Blog.
This week I will tell you about my activity since a week ago. Started from May 10th, 2017 until May 17th, 2017.

On Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 I having a class in the morning. It was a mathematic class. The class started at 7:30 a.m. I was wake up at 6:30 a.m and then I have been prepare to go to campus and departed with my father at 7:30 a.m. The Mathematic class will end at 10 a.m. Because at the afternoon, we are having a lab work. So, I didn't went home. I was stayed at the campus while do a Jurnal or a report for the lab work and having a lunch.  Lab that day, the material to learn pretty short. So I can go home early compared to others. After lab, I picked up by my mother. Arriving at home, I was cooking for dinner. After dinner, I went bath. After that, sometimes I took the time to watch or rest.

Thursday, On May 11, 2017.
This Thursday is a holiday. Yes, we are having a holiday until May 17, 2017. So I don't have to attend a class. But the day I have to discuss the organisers. I myself as the committee responsible for the jury. Before leaving the meeting, I met beforehand with the lecturer became one of the judges. After that I headed for the meeting.

Friday, On May 12, 2017
Although it has been off but our lecturer religion still hold the class. So I still go to campus. After going home I picked up by my mother and come to the streets for a moment before home. Until at home I conducting activities commonly at home.

Saturday, On May 13, 2017
In the morning, I work with the task of lab work for Saturday. At 9 a.m I had gone to prapare and continue do the task. I went at 12:30 p.m to the campus for the lab work. Roughly lab ended up at 5 p.m. and I went home. I cooking as usual, and returned to the daily activities.

Sunday, On May 14, 2017
A week ago, my cousin married. In the morning, I have to follow the training organization from the campus. The training was end around 1 p.m. After  that I go home and immediately get ready to go to my cousin's wedding. After the wedding we went home and I returned to perform tasks lab.

Monday, On May 15, 2017
In the morning I met with the lecturer. After that, I and my mother go to shopping for utilities in the house. When we went home, I continued working on tasks.

Tuesday, On May 16, 2017
On Tuesday morning, I cleaned the house. After that I prepare for consultation with laboratory assistant about lab work. Because the next day is Wednesday, and we have to do the lab work, so i spend my night to do the task.

Wednesday, On May 17, 2017
Activities on Wednesday remained the same. Having lecture in the morning and afternoon having a lab work. Yesterday is our last practicum for general chemistry . So it's mean, our task has been lessened. After returning home at around 5:30 pm, I went back to cook for dinner. After every practicum, I definitely let my body and mind rest. Activities filled with watching or reading books. After that I will sleep earlier than usual.

So that all about my activities for a week.
Thank you.

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

My Future Business

Welcome back to my Blog!

So this week I want to talk about becoming an entrepreneur.

If someday I become an entrepreneur, I want to be an entrepreneur who can utilize the chemistry that I have learned with one of my hobbies, that is cooking.
Seeing the amount of instant food now a days, makes me think that it's basically useful to some people. Yup! Because it's practical.
But, i want to try to make instant food with indonesian food menu. It may sound impossible. But who knows? The future will be more sophisticated and it is not impossible to create.
Different from the current instant foods, the products that will be made will be carefully tested and use materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for health. Reduction of formalin use can also be prevented.
So in the future, they workers who have limited leisure time enough to buy these instant foods in sufficient quantities for a day.

That's it, hopefully one day it will became true!
Thank you

Sabtu, 06 Mei 2017

Robot Competition Video

Welcome back to my blog!
This week i have been uploded my robot competition with my partner, Elyta Clarissa!
If you want to watch it, please click this link below.


Hope you enjoy it!
Thank you

Bye bye!
See you on the next post.

Kamis, 27 April 2017

A Simple Tamago Nori, Yet Delicious

Welcome back to my blog 🎉.
This week i wanna to talking about my favorite food, Egg!
You can make many kind of food from  egg. So on this post i want to tell you how to make an egg roll (tamago nori).
Egg roll is a popular dish from Japan, called tamago. Tamago mean egg and nori mean seaweed. To make an egg roll is very simple, so check this out!

Ingredients :
1. Three eggs
2. Water (not to much)
3. Salt
4. Pepper
5. Margarine
6. A sheet of seaweed

How to make :
1. Prepare the egg, crack all the eggs and begin to whisk to blend.
2. Pour water into the dough eggs (just a half of a small glass)
3. Give salt and pepper according to taste
4. Turn on the stove and wait until the pot hot, then put the margarine as much as 2 tablespoons.
5. Pour the egg mixture to the surface of the pan until its covered, don't poured all.
6. After the first layer already half cooked, put one sheet of seaweed on top of it.
7. Then do the same thing with the fifth step.
8. Wait until the egg cooked. After that, try to flip the egg to half shape and pour the egg mixture again.
9. And flip on the other side.
Now your egg roll is ready to enjoy!

Easy right? You can also make an egg roll by yourself.
I have cook an egg roll before I post this blog.

Wish you Have a great weekend!
See you on next post!
Bye bye~

Jumat, 14 April 2017

My Mom, An Expert in Tax!

Welcome back to my blog!
This week, I wanna to have a interview  with my mom! We will talk about my mother's work. My mother was working as a consultant, to help other peolple for take care of correspondence especially tax. She working for more than 5 years. Now she have her own office at sungai raya road.

So, check it out!

Q : Hi mom! How long have you been working as a consultant?
A : emm.. I think it's about 9 years? Since 2009.

Q : Wow! what is your inspiration to working as a consultant?
A : my inspiration? I only helped your father at the first. And then I am studying for almost 2 years and finally I decided to opened my own office.

Q : Is it hard?
A : Yes, for me the hardest is you will be confused to determine the cost. Haha

Q : Can you describe about your work?
A : A consultant is about take care of correspondence and answer the client question about taxes. tax is a financial charge or other levy imposed upon a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a state or the functional equivalent of a state. Every month we have to pay taxes to the state, but because it's troublesome, hence a lot of people require a consultant. Most of the clients are those who are busy and who do not understand about taxes.

Q : Oke, wish mom have a great job! Thank you.
A : you are welcome.

Sabtu, 01 April 2017


1. robots make our live better in helping us to do a house work, robots make our live wories sometimes they are very help full but they can alse make troble because they can’t think mist like us they can make human became lazy
2. I wold like to see kind of robots which can take care of use like mother

B. Paragraph
1. Bill gates who made his carrer in personal come puters, blives that the age of, home robots has arruved
2. First, robots need a brain a computer
3. We can have robot companions and pets. When we are alderily they will remind us to take our medicine and report to emergency services if there is a problem they will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their may intro our homes

C. 1.robots in the home
     2.robots will im prove our lives in many ways

- Robots to do in the future
-Aitline pilot, No. because for a flight by a robots inght be an error aystem they mist wait the commad the control room
- Cook, yes it will have a lote of variens and if will save our times for coiking
- Doctor, yes because robots as doctor can do more sophisticated in the exsamination to patents so the result if the exsamination will be more detailed
- police officer, yes as know a robots dind’t have heart they will up hold justice and they are firmylm change they are not easly go tired so that it can loyer to save the society
-singer, No. sings a talent if a robots can sing a song moy bethey will have same voices between each other
- store clesk, yes they will be very helpful when the store is cowed they can also work quickly
-taxi drives, now adays there is al ready a technology called smart eart where the drives is a robots from our opinion  a robots as where the drives is not efficient because they can guve us the wrong way for ur destinations so we can lost
-teacher, No. robots just can give us a know ladge but they but they can not teach us like human do